The main aspects of my work as your criminal defense attorney are to:

  • Understand you and the charges against you
  • Develop a strategy for resolving your case
  • Represent you in a jury trial or plea bargain negotiation

Every case is unique: there is no standard procedure. I will meet with you and tailor an individualized defense plan to address your specific needs.

Importance of pleas

The vast majority of criminal cases in Massachusetts never go to trial. Ninety percent (90%) of all criminal matters in Massachusetts courts are resolved without a trial by a tender of plea which the defendant agrees to. This means that your lawyer’s ability to communicate, negotiate, and persuade the prosecutor, probation officer, and ultimately, the judge, will make a large difference in how your case is resolved. You may want to read these important words from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Strong negotiation and communications skills

Negotiation skills are a big part of the value I deliver to clients. By knowing you, knowing the law and knowing the key players in your case (for example: the prosecutor and the judge) I can often shape your story in a way that the “opposition” sees our side of the story. As a result, I am successful in minimizing jail time, probation and other punishments for clients.


You often have a choice in the matter

The choice of how to proceed with your case is your choice, not your attorney's. Some people wish to have their day in court and have a trial, while others wish to resolve their cases quickly without a trial.

When your case must go to trial

Some criminal matters must be resolved with a trial. I have tried more than 23 cases to a verdict in Massachusetts adult and juvenile courts.

Don't take chance with your criminal defense. Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney, who understands the law around the charges you face, and knows the players and the courts where you are charged.

Call me today, so I can help you through this difficult time.