What To Say To Police Officers?

If you are in a burning building and rescued by a police officer, its simple. You say "thank you for saving my live, you're my hero," and you mean every word. Most people take it for granted that police and firefighters risk their lives to help people they don't even know. We say their heroic act is beyond the call of duty. Officers are humble and say, "just doing my job." But what do you say to the police officer who stops your car on the highway at night, blue lights flashing? A much more common scenario for everyone. {READ MORE}

How To Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney

There is no magic pill or elixir that will produce the best criminal defense attorney for you. Lawyers have websites, videos, and use various advertising methods. All this information is good to review, but it’s not enough to decide he or she is the best attorney for you. You can’t tell from a website or advertising how you will interact with the attorney, or more importantly, how your attorney will treat you. What you need to do is make a short list of potential criminal defense lawyers, and then interview them. {READ MORE}